Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On to Leon (almost)

Today the sun was shining all day, a perfect temperature for walking. I was last out of the albergue at 9-00 and made slow but steady progress out of Burgo Ranero, through flat countryside, on through Mansilla de las Mulas and then into the outskirts of Leon , perhaps not the most inspiring scenery, but after the previous days, I appreciated an easy walk. When I arrived, a Galician man showed me how to properly cure blisters leaving a small thread in the blister with heaps of antiseptic so that it drains properly, leaving the old skin on top to protect. Sounds dramatic, but it seemed fairly painless so tomorrow we ll see what the results are. Certainly today I was feeling quite a lot better, so I am not sure if yesterday was flu or just allergy to walking. It was also a relief to see at long last the horizon break and mountains rising up, still in the distance, but this means that in a few days the plains will be finished, and Galicia starts!


Anonymous said...

Nearly there, almost 2/3rds of the travelling gone. In no time you will be back home missing all these "Castillian bland scenery", pilgrims friendships, hostaleros, refuges and even your blisters. Mind you this blog/diary will help to refresh all these great memories. Anim i endavant que ja queda poc. fins aviat Cristina

Anonymous said...

Hola Matt!! Acabamos de engancharnos al blog así que en breve estaremos al día de esta fabulosa experiencia.

Disfruta y muchos anímos,
Begoña y Xavi

Pd.-"El viajero quizás no vive mejor, pero sin duda vive más intensamente"

Anonymous said...

Hope the blister remedy has proved successful. Guess you must be nearly in Galicia by now hopefully. I'm the big bad wolf who made Sam climb up all those mountains so I'm not going to add my voice to those calling for a day of rest on the Camino. Sam at least doesn't seem to be the worse for the walking, I hope you aren't either though a dodgy belly and a blister doesn't sound much fun at least you've got one to take your mind off the other.

Also you might be pleased to know that I found your coat. It wasn't in the curry house after all, but in the black hole behind the sofa!!! For 3 months!!!

Hope to speak to you soon, bruv.

Best wishes from Toulouse,