Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cami de les Aigües

Yesterday was the first step in my Camino. I bought the bus ticket to Pamplona so a week today, I will be starting out from Roncesvalles on the first stage of my journey. I am a little nervous for many reasons, a month on the road away from home comforts , away from Juli, but above all, a month of personal reflection, conversations with strangers, coupled with intense physical activity..these three things have never been my strong point.

Right now I am concentrating on my preparation, practical, mental and physical. Hundreds of years ago, the pilgrims set off with the clothes they stood in and a stick. Today practical means going to Decathlon and getting hold of a whole load of warm, light clothing and state of the art walking boots to try and make sure my pampered feet can walk all those kilometers without getting blisters all over..i fear an impossible task.

Mentally I am trying to get my mind ready for the journey, and above all to take advantage of my last week with Juli before I set off.

Physically, preparation means walking walking and walking. Today we went walking in the Cami de les Aigües which is up on Collserola and did a couple of hours with a ruck sac with a couple of litres of detergent in it. I am a bit paranoic about blisters , pulled muscles or tendons , I know i will have to take care of myself to make sure I can keep well to keep walking. Juli says the most important thing is to start, not to finish, which is very generous of her.

Anyway, one week to go..

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reicho said...

Hi Matt,

How exciting to be doing the camino. We just talked to Juli and got the update that you were in Estrella and Los Altos. Brings back lots of good memories. I look forward to keeping posted. Buen camino.