Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Hontanas

Today, as expected was hard work, 29km walking against a strong driving wind which threatened to blow us all back to Roncesvalles. Juli warned me that the stages between Burgos and Leon are what you might call psychological. There is no scenery to fix your bearings, you climb up to the crest of a hill, only to find a new crest beyond that, and when you finally reach the top, it is a sort of endless plain stretching out into the distance with no villages, trees or nothing, just wind electrical generators disappearing off into the distance. The few villages there are a tucked away in valleys so you cant see them. All this coupled with the constant wind whistling round your head adds to the harshness of the landscape. Still I imagine it could be worse. In summer the sun must be merciless. At 4-30 I finally arrived but no sign of any familiar faces. Talking to an English pilgrim, I discovered that Kevin, the Irishman had stayed back in Hornillos. Hontanas is a small village, with no m0bile phone coverage (shock horror) but I was invited to play cards with the women who run the albergue. As one of the women pointed out, lucky no money was involved in the card game, because these 3 would have cleaned me out pretty quickly. So by 8-00 I had showered, and had dinner and have headed up to the village bar for a beer, and have found what is apparently the only internet in town. Working from a modem (no ADSL here). I have about a week of this sort of terrain until finally we reach Leon. As Uggi the Korean says, this is will be a great opportunity to concentrate on my walking.


Juli said...

Quasi quasi meitat, et queda ben poc. No se si finalment et quedaras a Boadilla del Camino un veritable oasis pels peregrinos. Eduardo takes a good care of them. As Clare said step by step, you're doing great and don't forget that we're also walking with you.
I'll keep you well informed about next game of Espanyol. Remember one sms per goal, I hope to send you a bunch.....Mmmmmuac.

Anonymous said...

I have looked up where you are in my books and Dad's holiday diary and I see you should soon reach the Puente de Fitero, very atmospheric in the empty landscape, where we stopped to take photos before driving on to Fromista. The church at Fromista, San Martin, is lovely with lots of interesting mediaeval carvings including some depicting marriage (squabbles and hugs). Perhaps because of the weather you have no time or inclination for sightseeing, you can always go back another time. Hope the blisters OK, the guidebook I have recommends something called Compeed from the farmacia. Thinking of you and proudly telling people about your progress! XX Mum

Anonymous said...

Hola, sóc la Laura, l´aprenent de mami.Doncs sembla que esta anant força bé, no? només uns dies més d´aguantar aquest tros avorrit i ja començarà de nou la caminada guapa.Jo tinc ara mateix el ´cigró`a sobre, o sigui queescric com puc. En duessetmanes ja quasi no li van els pijames newborn, estáhecho una fiera. És maco, però també una mica dur. No ho canvio per resdel món, però sí que és cert que la maternitat s´idealitza una mica. bé, que continui anant molt bé, i ja et seguiré donant la pallissa. un aabraçada i molts ànims!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Matt
Gracies per compartir la teva experiencia amb nosaltres.. tots els que s' atancen a aquest blog. Les descripcions que fas son una passada quasi be ens fas viatjar amb tu.
Many comments about your camino blog agree in that we are walking with you all the time in spirit rather than doing the hard job. Forca Matt!! I/We are positive you definetely will reach the finishing line wherever that may be. In fact you are already a winner for us.
Take care, enjoy it and keep us up to date.
Familia Jenkins-Garcia

Anonymous said...

Hola soc Owen
I am thinking of you and I am very proud of you. and I will like to do it as well when I grow up. take care and dont get any more blisters. un abrazo fuerte


Anonymous said...

My name is Sara, My grand-parents live in Hontanas and when I go there I can speak with my mobile phone (if you have Orange or Movistar) Vodafone doen´t have coverage. :)

Best wishes

Sorry for my bad english..