Saturday, March 29, 2008

Endless Castilla

Finally Spring seems to be winning the battle against Winter, and Santiago has rewarded me with two calm days of glorious sunshine, just perfect for walking. The landscape has opened out, and it hasn t taken me long to appreciate that in spite of the snow, I am walking at the best time of year. Any later in the year, and the heat would be intolerable. I climbed up the steep slope out of Castroderliz (or something like that) to be greeted to cheers and was handed chocolate by a couple of Germans who had already made it to the top. Beyond that point the land was more of less flat, but the ground stony, and as the day wore on, I became convinced that every night the Devil must send out his little helpers to carefully place all the stones sharp edge upwards to press into the blistered feet of the brave or foolish who have made it so far.

Finally I arrived at Boadilla del Camino where Juli had recommended to me the most fantastic albergue ran by Eduardo who welcomed us and where we ate the most fantastic pilgrim dinner, together with the above mentioned Germans, 2 Koreans and an Australian.

The next day we set out into the mist, through Fromista, and on to Carrion de los Condes. Carrion de los Condes is significant in my mind, because it was where Juli was obliged to stop in 2003 for a day, having suffered since Hontanas with tendonitis. I remember at the time talking to Juli on the phone, but her suffering at the time was distant, now, as I walked was I able to understand how much she must have suffered firstly to be walking through this unforgiving landscape in pain, and secondly the frustration of having to stop while her companions continued on with out her. Carrion de los Condes in my mind was a dark place , so it was nioce to find that it is a very pleasant place. I am staying in the same monestary as Juli.

Once again, I have read all the comments so many people have left me. Thankyou, it is great to know I am not walking alone! You are all very much in my thoughts. And of course here I have a lot of time to think!


Pau said...

matt ja saps que ets molt valent per fer el camino de Santiago sort
endevant força ho estas fent molt be un peto de part de el pau la bea i el jaume espero que el peto te arribi i et recuperis aviat


Anonymous said...

Hello Matt, it's Holly I have sent u a message but I don't know if u have received it. Well, we are all thinking of you, the children send their love. Phia said to tell you that, daddy had found your coat behind the sofa but it might be a long way for you to come !
Well I have so much admiration for you Matt, here is a verse for you.

The very lest you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for.
And the most you can do is to live inside that hope.
Not admire it from a distance but live right in it,
under its roof.


We love you uncle Matt xxx speak soon.
Holly xxx

Anonymous said...

Cheer up !! Matt !!
One more day on the way, is one less for the end which every day is closer!